Monday, September 18, 2006


Written By Dawn M .2006.

I awoke at dawn and tiptoed out to watch…
The sun peep over the far off hills,
A shaft of silvery light, glittered into the garden,
A shiny black bird sat on high,
He warbled and sang a melody to attract a lady.
I tiptoed out onto the lawn,
Was startled with such surprise.
Everywhere my eyes could see,
Diamonds and jewelled gossamer lace,
Where bluebells and hollyhocks grow tall.
Fairy dresses and shawls sparkled in the early dawn,
On the lupins and the snapdragons hung the daintiest of gowns,
And, in the gloomy light of dawn there, shimmering,
Sequinned coats and tiaras fit for a queen,
On the archway, in each space,
Delicate petticoats of the finest lace.
Twinkling strands of life everywhere,
Little beings, hiding out of sight,
What wondrous little fairies of the early morning light,
The black bird is talking with gifted warble,
A thought, Is that black bird secretly singing…
To the fairies under the hollyhock leaves?
Arbours are filled with beautiful scents,
Trees that will bear magnificent fruit
This is the tale of the fairies at dawn,
Singing songs, telling stories to guide the way,

Through the trail of fairy gardens, glens and vales.


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