Monday, January 02, 2006


At Christmas time we had our Son his wife and family come to stay and one of the outings we took them on was to Phillip Island down Western Port Bay in Victoria. So on 30th December 2005 on a scorcher of a day 43% C we took off for the 2 &1/2 hour drive in 2 cars, not knowing we were going to be in a long car park for several hours because unbeknown to us there was going to be a 2 night festival for New Year on Phillip Island. We finally made it onto the Island around 4:30PM and we went to our good friends and neighbours holiday home and had a lovely visit and a beautifully prepared meal. They so enjoyed seeing all our Grandchildren, about
7:00PM we made our way to the penguin parade at the seaside and bought each of the children a lovely little stuffed penguin for a lasting memory of their holidays. Then we went on down the boardwalks to the top of the dunes over looking the sea to await the arrival of the worlds littlest penguins to roll and wash out of the sea and then to make their way up to the top of the dunes to their nests to feed their baby chics. The children so enjoyed the spectacle of the little penguins waddling up out of the sea and into the dunes, it's amazing how far from the sea they actually travel. In the next couple of blog entries you will see photos of the penguins and our Grandchildren.


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